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The Chord Mojo is highly regarded in audiophile and professional circles, but I still think it’s underrated. What this device represents is so much bigger than just another enthusiast trinket.

This week we reviewed the Chord Mojo. Chord Electronics is an English manufacturer specializing in the design and production of hi-fi electronics, notably DACs, headphone amplifiers and stereo amplifiers. Their particularity: a strikingly unusual design and exceptional performance, thanks to the use of electronic components programmed exclusively by Chord

I was lucky enough to be invited to a launch by Chord Electronics at London’s iconic Shard. As soon as the invitation came through the post I was immediately very curious about the product that Chord had up their sleeves. For them to be inviting people to an 8

The Mojo is something of a radical move for Chord Electronics, the brand has long been associated with high end audio separates which tend to carry a high end price. The Hugo portable DAC/headphone amp brought the entry level down quite considerably but still

Chord Electronics Mojo Amp/Dac review blog and analysis. Top portable amp/DAC unit for audiophiles. Yes, we are a headphone store, but we believe a review shouldn’t be called a review if it’s primary purpose is to sell a product. We want to publish the most

After seeing Zeos review of the Chord Mojo, and a few recent posts about it here, I thought I would post up my quick thoughts on it for those who are on the fence regarding purchasing one. The Chord Mojo. It has little marbles the light up, glow different colours, and

功能齊全 備齊所有輸入端子 Hugo的外形設計可說是承襲了Chord的多樣傳統,機殼一樣採整塊航太級鋁合金材切的一體式設計,具備高強度,但體積與重量可是小了許多,可以隨手放在口袋裡,機身以較具冷質感的銀色呈現,機殼上面設有三個透明圓點,Hugo要

1/4/2016 · Having had both Mojo and Hugo (still own the latter), the review above tallys very well with my findings. I couldn’t justify owning both, and given which ever unit I chose was going to serve as a main DAC, the Hugo stayed. That said, the performance of the Mojo for

Chord’s battery-powered Mojo makes all the music in your phone or on your computer sound better with high-end components and hand-tuned sound. A convenient, simple way to enhance the audio from

I’m a very happy Chord Mojo owner. What I do acknowledge is at purchase time it was a definite horse race between the Oppo HA-2SE. Ultimately I liked the form factor of the Mojo as I can strap it to my iPhone and pretty much grip just the Mojo. Also liked the

Chord Electronics’s Chord Mojo Connection Guide The Chord Mojo comes with a 6 inch Black USB 2.0 to Micro cable. CLICK HERE for the Mojo Manual. Charging your Mojo: Be sure to use the charging port on the side of the Mojo. It is the micro port closest to the

Chord在2015年底推出比Hugo更小的USB DAC+耳擴Mojo,雖然台灣定價不到2萬元,但依舊承襲了Chord厚實的鋁合金箱體設計,而且電路設計依舊不假現成DAC晶片之手,採用搭載Chord自寫程式的FPGA晶片做為數類轉換的處理核心,可以說是目前Chord

When the opportunity came to review the Chord Mojo I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity. I will admit that in my mind I wrongfully expected the Mojo to be larger i n my mind than it actually is in reality. I had I assumed a case some 6” square. In

先前預告的 Chord Electronics 最新參考級隨身 DAC/耳擴終於發布正式情報,正式命名為「Mojo」,意即英文的 Mobile Joy,選擇在英國設計與製造,宣稱性能超過 20 倍價格的 DAC!

To grasp the significance of the Mojo, it is necessary to turn back the calendar a few years to consider the impact of another breakthrough product from Chord: namely, the Hugo portable headphone amp/DAC, priced at £1,400 (or about US$2,495).

Helemaal anders is het gesteld met de Mojo, de laatste telg van Chord. Helemaal goedkoop mag je hem niet noemen, maar met een prijs van 599 euro is hij de betaalbaarste Chord ooit. Als je bovendien weet dat de Mojo ook een hoofdtelefoonversterker is die nagenoeg elk hoofdtelefoontype aankan, dan begin je misschien te denken dat dit verhaal gewoon te goed klinkt.

Chord Mojo DAC Mint condition multi-award winning DAC from Chord Electronics, the Mojo. Brilliant with headphones or connected to your HiFi system. With original box. Almost

Chord has always had a design ethos. No matter if it’s designing a £399 DAC or a £5000 integrated amplifier, its products tend to look like something H.R. Giger might have come up with after too much cheese too late at night. So the Mojo DAC is a small, tactile

Chord「Mojo Cable Accessory Pack」 アユートからは「Chord Mojo Cable Pack」、パッケージには「Mojo Cable Accessory Pack」と書いてある本製品ですが、製品名の通り、接続に便利ないくつかのケーブルと、USBドッキングアダプターが同梱されてい

5. Chord Mojo – £400 This Chord Mojo has too been a stalwart of headphone DACs and amps for a while. Utilising FPGA DAC technology, this is an in house designed DAC. But what surprised me when I tried it against the DragonFly Cobalt is how, relatively

Mojo via iPhone 6s. Connection to iPhone 6s requires a cable adaptor from female USB to Lightning plug. I was supplied with such a cable for the purposes of the review, however this will have to be an added buy. Cans used for the review were the excellent

In the upcoming review, I’ll cover the sound quality you get, and what you’ll need to go through to get all these modes to work. See the complete review for the Chord Electronics Mojo DAC and Poly Streamer.

Over the past two years since the Mojo was first released, Chord has been swarmed with requests to expand the way you could get sound to the Mojo. The Chord Poly is the answer to those requests and much more. It’s a small piece of gear (only about half the

Chord Mojo review: Installation, testing and overall verdict Music breeds obsession. Whether it’s the hunt for that original Beatles vinyl pressing or the pursuit of perfect sound, the love of

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for CHORD ELECTRONICS – Mojo DAC/Headphone Amplifier at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I have a Chord Qutest in my main system and I love it. It gets me moving all

Now, there is a reason why this review is a Chord Mojo + Poly review and not just a Chord Poly review. When you put the Mojo and Poly together, it does seem that the pair is a match made in Porta-Fi heaven. Sonically, it has made me fell in love with the a set

The Chord Mojo + Poly is a remarkable pairing. On the hardware aspect, the pair is nothing less than an example of miniaturization at its best. Designed and built in England, the product exhibits Chord Electronics renowned traits of reliability, build quality, and

9/11/2018 · I own a Topping D10 and a Chord Mojo, using the optical out of the D10 it’s possible to feed both Dacs the same signal. I plugged them both into a Naim Nait5si and switched between them whilst music was playing. Once level matched I could not discern any difference whatsoever, no matter what

ProductFeatures 英國製手提 DSD 解碼耳擴 繼 Hugo 的空前成功後,Chord 打算把這種高科技的解碼帶給更多的人,為求達到更精準、更易用、性價比更高。 經過了一年的研究,再配合現有的最新科技,Chord 現在正式推出他們的 “ Mobile Joy ” Mojo。 Chord 的設計理念最獨特之處便是不使用市場上提供的解碼芯

Before we get into the iFi xCAN vs. xDSD vs. Chord Mojo Comparison, Review, and Shootout, grab a snack, sit back and relax because.. You’ve come to the right place!! Image Coming Soon! What I will bring you in this review

El único análisis completo y review técnica con datos objetivos del Chord Mojo que encontrarás en internet. Si buscas el mejor sonido portátil para tus auriculares, tanto in ear como de diadema HIFI, necesitas Mojo XD Fig.4: El DAC/AMP Chord Mojo

The Mojo, at a slightly higher price point, is one of the most highly regarded portable DAC/amps out there. But can the Cobalt compete with it? Let’s take a closer look with this Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt vs Chord Mojo Comparison review. Read full post

Secondo Chord, Mojo è sostanzialmente la versione portatile di Hugo, racchiusa in un telaio di alluminio che misura 22 x 60 x 82 mm, con un peso di 180 grammi. Mojo può essere utilizzato con varie sorgenti, quali smartphone (Android, Apple e Microsoft), lettori

DAC & DAP Review Headphone & Headamp Review Chord Mojo headphone amplifier: a box of marbles Posted on 22nd April 2016 In the market for a portable headphone amplifier? Paul Rigby reviews Chord’s dinky Mojo I love headphones. There, I’ve said it.

The Chord Mojo at this point needs no introduction. The Mojo is the world’s most advanced portable digital to analogue converter DAC/Headphone amplifier. Now available on with 365-Day Returns, free shipping and legendary customer service.

Enter the Mojo/Intro: Chord Electronics Ltd, the UK based audio company behind the highly regarded Hugo DAC/amp and 2Qute DAC, has really floored me with their latest portable amp/DAC combo, the Mojo. The Mojo is priced at $599, which is entry-level for

The new Chord Electronics Mojo is entirely designed and manufactured in England. Mojo stands for ‘Mobile Joy’ and Chord is justifiably proud to say that Mojo is a true reference-quality mobile DAC and high-level headphone amplifier; its performance

Chord Mojo 加上 Poly 展現無線高音質的魅力Mojo的誕生是CHORD專為使用智慧型手機的音樂愛好者所設計,外殼以整塊鋁合金車製,其功能強大、輕巧、攜帶方便,最大的特色便是只有Hugo三分之一的體積,並且全機從設計到生產都是在英國製造!搭載新型

If I hadn’t heard the Chord Electronics TT 2, I would be pretty happy with the Qutest.

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