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이번 LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer’ 앨범은 치밀한 기획 아래 LOVE YOURSELF 시리즈의 정수를 담은 ‘콘셉트 앨범’이다. CD A에 수록된 16곡들은 음악, 스토리, 가사 등이 유기적으로 연결되어, 만남과 사랑으로부터 자아를 찾아가는 감정의 흐름을 따른다.

Now that the BTS Love Yourself: Answer album has been out for a little while I’ve had a good chance to listen to all the tracks to death and I feel like now is the right time to share what four songs I think are the best. Love Yourself: Answer is a brilliant album from

Interactive lyrics and fanchants for BTS Love Yourself: Answer. Lyrics and chant in time with the song. Better than a PDF

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